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Best Ways To Integrate CBD Into Your Meditation


There is nothing like the joy of meditative bliss! Getting a calm state of mind is tough. Job stress, performance-related issues, health problems are a common feature. Ancient mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation help create a stress-free environment. 

Meditation is the saviour that calms stressed minds with ease. As a practice, it goes back to 1500BC. Many sages in India rely on the calming properties of cannabis. Cannabis and hemp have been in use for thousands of years, even in the ancient Vedas, the sacred texts of India. Integrating CBD and CBD-enhanced products can enhance your mediation. No wonder, cannabis makes mediation beneficial in tackling minor to severe health ailments.

CBD and Meditation 

In recent years, CBD has been in the news for its far-reaching benefits in meditation. When you add CBD to your meditation session, you get a perfect companion to de-stress. Cannabidiol or CBD brings healing effects for anxiety, inflammation and body aches. It helps in staying calm during tough situations and stressful moments. Let us find out how to make the most of CBD in a meditation session.

Before Starting Practice, Take CBD Oil:

As we know, meditation is a mindful practice. CBD is the best way of preparing for it for fruitful results. Industry sources confirm the role of CBD in bringing relief from anxiety.

Put a dropper of CBD oil under your tongue. Then, let the local blood vessels near the tongue absorb it for 60 seconds before you swallow the rest of the oil. Find out the strength of CBD dosage that best suits you.

If you are trying meditation at home, do the alternate nostril breathing technique for 3 to 5 minutes. Sit straight on the mat. Close your left nostril while you inhale through your right nostril. Hold your breath, close your left nostril and exhale out of your right nostril. Repeat the same exercise. Close your right nostril, inhale deep and repeat the sequence.

Prepare a CBD Drink:

Sipping a hot cup of tea throughout a yoga session adds mental freshness and vigour to the session. It also prevents the body from dehydration. Next time you bring a piping hot drink to your yoga class, add a few drops of CBD Wellness Oil supplement into it. Add CBD to any beverage or smoothie and let there be a CBD dispersion in the drink to bring you the most benefit.              

Topical Application of CBD:

Bring relief to your aching muscles by applying CBD cooling cream on them. The cream contains cooling and hydrating eucalyptus oil, aloe vera, shea butter and menthol. It does a dual job of glowing your skin apart from soothing your muscles. To get the best result, start with the 300 mg or 750 mg strength. Salve, balm and CBD lotion are other topicals you can explore to reduce discomfort after meditation. 

 CBD Tinctures:

Now, this is an effective method of taking CBD oil for the meditative purpose. It has good potential in chronic calming pains. It needs no extra accessories and has long-lasting effects. CBD tinctures containing vegetable glycerine are good to try. In case, you wish to avoid oil-based tinctures that contain alcohol; you can go ahead and try a plant-based oil.


Steam inhalation works best in case of blocked nose. CBD inhalation through smoking and vaping is able to reach the lungs faster. To use this method, keep a couple of tools and accessories with you – for example, a vaporizer, oil rag or a dabber. Remember, a full-spectrum CBD oil can be harsh on your throat. So, use the inhalation process well.   


CBD Vape Oil is low, but an impactful dose of CBD meant for brain and body system support. It gets you restorative sleep when you want it. It nips stress in the bud and provides holistic meditative relief in a few minutes.


CBD gummies, Spearmint mints, Milk chocolate bar, Cooking oil, Butter. Many edible items let you have higher doses of CBD before you start your meditation. You will have to wait for about half an hour least for the CBD edibles to show effect. If you are new to CBD edibles, take the smallest dose to gauge the outcome. 

Hemp Oil:

Today’s stressful lifestyle makes meditation difficult to put a focus on. Hemp oil can be useful while practising meditation. Apart from the multi-spectrum hemp oil, other picks include gels, bath salts and gummy bears. You have to decide what is best for you. Then start your meditation session. Hemp oil keeps one active and alert and helps fight anxiety issues.

Tips on Meditating with CBD

To enhance your meditation goals, consume CBD products with a few precautionary tips. Caution is the key for best results. Timing matters: While vaping brings the fastest result, it also wears out faster. CBD edibles take up to one hour. For meditation, choose edibles such as CBD oil capsules. Their effects may get delayed but last longer. 

Potency: Know for sure the potency level of the CBD drops. The higher the concentration of the CBD, the faster is the degree of the effects. Never overdose with CBD. Stick to low dosage.

Final Words on CBD and Meditation

There is no straight formula to find out the right dosage of CBD oil for Meditation. The FDA is yet to bring about any guidelines for its usage. But that should not be an area of concern.

Many licensed manufacturers and suppliers suggest a daily dosage to follow while using any of the above methods. The CBD oil strength is a determining factor that can help you decide your daily intake. By integrating CBD into meditation, you will be able to overcome and manage stress in a better way.